FKC-Lake Shore offers custom-designed Cages to transport personnel and material in vertical shafts. Cages can be built from steel, aluminum, or stainless steel to meet the needs of the underground environment. Broken rope safeties are available for steel guides, wooden guides, and rope guides.

Type Single, Double, or Triple Deck
Material Steel; Aluminum; Stainless Steel
Gates Swing; Bi-Parting; Roll-Up; Guillotine
Guides Steel; Wood; Rope
Safety Mechanism Dogs/Catches (Steel, Wood, Rope)
Design Criteria 2.5ft²/person; 250 lbs/ft²
Guide Rollers FKC-Lake Shore 3-Wheel Guide System (Poly, Pneumatic, Foam-Filled)
Optional Mechanical, Hydraulic, & Electric Chairing Systems; Wired & Wireless Communications; Heaters; Overhead (in-cage) Hoists for Equipment; Inspection Bonnets
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