Decline/Slope Hoisting Systems

To transport personnel and supplies up and down mine slopes, FKC-Lake Shore offers standard and custom-designed Slope Hoist packages. Our standard hoists are rated for 80T, 100T, and 125T on a 16° slope.

Hoist Arrangement In-Line; Off-Set with Turning Sheave Assembly; Unitized Base
Drum Type Drum Winder
Drum Size Up to 12-ft. Dia.
Depth Up to 6,000 ft. at 16°
Rope Attachment(s) Open Spelter Socket
Conveyance FKC-Lake Shore Brakeman Car; Mine Supply Car
Brake System Spring-Applied Caliper Brakes/ Hydraulic Release
Payload 45,000-75,000 lbs. Line Pull; (80T-125T at 16°
Electrical Controls AC & DC Automatic Hoist Controls; Digital Lily (HSS)
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