The Lake Shore patented "Jeto" Bottom-Dump Skip, designed for faster, cleaner dumping, is in use throughout the world in all types of mines; metallic and non-metallic.

In operation, the loaded Skip is hoisted to the dumping station, and dump rollers engage the dump scrolls. The rollers unlock the body from the bail frame and swing the body outward. Toggle links attached to the skip door and bail frame open the Skip door and material is discharged.

This skip is designed to achieve proper balance while providing rugged strength, long wear life, and minimum dead weight. With the "Jeto," the center-of-gravity puts all weight directly on the hoist rope whether loaded, partially loaded, or empty.

Type Jeto, Bottom-Dump, Kimberly, Arc Gate
Capacity 1T-60T
Material Steel; Aluminum
Liners Steel, Poly, Stainless, AR, Tri-Blaze®, Astralloy®
Optional Safety Dogs/Catches; Platforms & Cages for Man Riding; Inspection Bonnets; Dump Scrolls; Loading Pockets

Skip Loading Stations

FKC-Lake Shore Skip Loading Stations are designed with a rotating door—providing several advantages over a fixed chute. The loader door does not hang in the shaft, and the door extends into the skip avoiding spillage. We offer volumetric and load cell features along with automatic loading through our controls package.

Type FKC-Lake Shore Single or Double Flask Design
Capacity 1T-60T
Material Steel
Liners Steel, Poly, Stainless, AR, Tri-Blaze®, Astralloy®
Optional Volumetric and/or Load Cells, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Controls
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