Service Hoisting Systems

Service Hoisting Systems are used to transport personnel and supplies through vertical shafts. FKC-Lake Shore offers standard over/under designs for 15T, 20T, and 25T on shafts up to 1,000' deep. For deeper shafts, we offer Friction Hoists for 20T, 30T, and 40T applications. Custom Double-Drum Hoists are also available.

Hoist Arrangement Ground-Mounted; Tower-Mounted; Unitized Base
Drum Type Drum Winder; Friction; Over/Under; Double-Drum
Drum Size Up to 16.5-ft. Dia.
Depth Up to 7,000 ft. (deeper available with custom design)
Cage Guides Ropes; Steel; Wood
Rope Attachment(s) Short Coupled Thimble(s) (Cappels)
Brake System Spring-Applied Caliper Brakes/Hydraulic Release
Payload 5T-50T
Electrical Controls AC & DC Automatic Hoist Controls; Digital Lily (HSS)
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