Preventive Maintenance Program

System Evaluation

We begin every PMP with a system evaluation. During an initial visit to the site, we will review:
  • Core system configuration and general specifications
  • Existing maintenance practices
  • Critical spares evaluation and inventory
  • Production and maintenance cycles
  • Meet with maintenance personnel to review program

30/60/90–Day Services Include:

  • General inspections of system to include: Gearing, Brakes, Drums, Ropes, Switches, Motors, Cage, Shaft, Pits, and Landings
  • Operational checks of entire system
  • Adjustments to: Brakes, Limits, and Positioning
  • Lubrication of: Door Rollers, Guide Rollers, and Lilly
  • Critical Spares Inventory
  • Comprehensive Inspections of: Controls, Motors, Drives, Gears, Couplings, Pinions, Headframes, Sheaves, and Counterweights
  • Insulation Resistance (Megger) readings of motors
  • Thermal Imaging of: Electrical Systems, Motors, Gears, and Bearings
  • Lubrication and Oil Analysis Sampling
  • Vibration Analysis of Major Components

60–Day Services Also Include:

  • Thermal Imaging of Bearings
  • Voltage/Amp Checks
  • Electrical Inspection of: Control Enclosures, Operator Console, and Drive Isolation Transformer
  • Shaft Steel/Headframe/Sheave Wheels
  • Safety Dog Tests (MSHA Required)
  • Brake Load Tests (MSHA Required)
  • CWT Inspection
  • Critical Spares Inventory

90–Day Services Also Include:

  • All Position Switches-Inspect
  • Oil Sampling
  • Thermal Imaging of Electrical Components
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Alignment Checks

180–Day Services Include:

  • NDT: Non-Destructive Wire Rope Test and Evaluation (MSHA requirement)
  • Filter Changes
  • Alignment Checks

24/7 Emergency Response & Support
+1 (877) 554-8600/opt.2

  • Priority access and dispatching from our industry leading emergency response system