Service Hoists

Service Hoisting Systems are used to transport personnel and supplies through vertical shafts.  FKC-Lake Shore offers standard over/under designs for 15T, 20T, and 25T on shafts up to 1,000' deep.  For deeper shafts, we offer Friction Hoists for 20T, 30T, and 40T applications.  Custom Double Drum Hoists are also available.

Slope (Incline) Hoists

To transport personnel and supplies up and down mine slopes, FKC-Lake Shore offers standard and custom-designed Slope Hoist packages.  Our standard hoists are rated for 80T, 100T, and 125T on a 16 degree slope.

Emergency Escape Hoists

FKC-Lake Shore offers standard or custom-designed Escape Hoist packages to provide emergency underground egress.  We have standard packages for depths up to 1500' of lift.  The standard cages is 3' x 4' with a sliding door for normal access but also hinged for unrestricted access to load a stretcher.

Production Hoists

FKC-Lake Shore offers custom-designed Production Hoisting Systems to bring mined materials from underground to the surface.  Double Drum or Koeppe (Friction) Hoists are available to meet the production needs of our mining customers.

FKC-Lake Shore 125-ton slope hoist installed at a coal mine
Fredonia Service & Emergency Escape Hoists
Gibson County Service & Slope Hoists
Black Panther Emergency Escape Hoist
Votorantim Service Hoist
Sugar Camp 40-ton Service Hoist
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