Keeping Watch. Ready When Needed.
  • Safer deceleration forces for miners (vs conventional safety mechanisms on steel guides) in the event of a rope break or slack rope condition.
  • Deceleration rates provided exceed some of the world’s most stringent free fall test requirements.
  • Less stressful on the conveyance and shaft guides in an arrestment event.
  • Allows for the use of a single-rope hoisting plant with steel shaft guides.
  • Tried and trusted technology:
    • First stage activation makes use of a conventional drawbar system commonly utilized in mine cages in North America. Spring-activated wedges grip the steel guides, preventing the cage from going into a free fall.
    • The second stage provides safe deceleration for the cage occupants through the use of Technogrid® strain energy absorbers.
  • Technogrids® are strain energy absorbers and do not rely on friction removing an uncertain variable in wet and dirty mine shafts.
  • Designed to deploy when a dynamic incident occurs, Technogrids® used in the Sentinel System are designed to accommodate static loads for required testing.
  • Sentinel is a simple, purely mechanical system with few moving parts. The result is a dependable, low-maintenance cage arresting system for use on steel shaft guides.
  • Sentinel was developed and is supported in cooperation with FKC-Lake Shore, Technogrid, and Horne Conveyance Safety. The team has more than 230 years combined experience in the design, manufacture, and support of conveyances and conveyance safety products.

Type 2-Stage: Wedge & Strain Energy Absorber
Deceleration 0.9–2.0g
Application Steel Guides (HSS, Rail)
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