Waneta Expansion Project

LOCATION: Trail, BC, Canada

MARKET: Power/Hydroelectric

OWNER: Aecon / SNC Lavalin JV

CONTRACTOR: Waneta Tunnelers Partnership (Redpath / Frontier-Kemper ULC)

START DATE: December 2010

In 2013, the Waneta Tunnelers Partnership (Redpath/Frontier-Kemper) completed the construction of two (2), parallel Penstock Tunnels using Drill-and-Blast methods. This project expanded the capacity of the existing 450 Megawatt (MW) Waneta Dam by installing a second Powerhouse to generate up to 335 MW from water that was being spilled over the dam. Our scope of work included:
  • (2) 32.8-ft. diameter, parallel Penstock Tunnels
  • Tunnels run uphill at 14% and 17% grade
  • Lengths: 675 LF & 660LF
  • (1) 20 ft. x 20 ft. Access Adit, 374 LF
  • Tunnels were lined with 300mm thick, cast-in-place, concrete liner

drill and blast tunnel contractor
precast concrete tunnel lining