Microtunnel Boring Machine MTBM


Frontier-Kemper has extended its reach into excavation of smaller-diameter, shorter-length utility tunnels in the trenchless construction market. Microtunneling is the method of underground tunnel boring using smaller-diameter TBMs for excavation and a hydraulic pipe jacking system to install pipe/lining in a single pass. Unlike larger TBMs, microtunnel boring machines (MTBMs) are remote-controlled by an operator on the surface and utilize slurry for conveyance of the excavated material from the face of the excavation to the surface, where the solids are removed with a slurry separation system.

Frontier-Kemper has completed several successful microtunneling projects in the US and Canada. Some notable projects include: the Las Vegas Paradise Whitney Interceptor, the Metro South Platte Interceptor in Colorado, and LADWP’s Upper Reach – Unit 7.
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