drill and blast underground tunnel construction

Drill-and-Blast Tunneling

At Frontier-Kemper, we are skilled at conventional drill-and-blast tunnel excavation. The drill-and-blast method is performed by drilling blast holes on a prescribed blast design pattern and then loading them with explosives to blast through hard rock conditions. We are experienced in the evolving technology of automated jumbo drilling, digi shots, hydro-scaling, rock bolt installation, rib erection (when applicable), forepoling, and shotcrete application. FKCI assures safe project environments as the safety of our employees, clients, and partners is our foremost priority.

We have a proven track record of drill-and-blast tunnels constructed across North America for many different market segments. Some recent drill-and-blast projects include the John Hart Generating Station Replacement Project and the Waneta Dam Expansion Tunnel Project.
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