Underground Drilling Facility

LOCATION: Fredonia, KS

MARKET: Petroleum

MINE: Fredonia Facility

OWNER: Wilson County Holdings, LLC

CONTRACTOR: Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.

START DATE: April 2013

COMPLETED: October 2014
In March of 2013, Frontier-Kemper was contracted by Wilson County Holdings (WCH) to construct an Underground Drilling Facility to access oil reserves. The facility is a new concept for oil production and is one of the most unique and innovative projects FKCI's Mine Development Division and FKC-Lake Shore have undertaken. The facility is comprised of:
  • Main Access Shaft (Conventionally Excavated)
  • Underground Drilling Gallery
  • Emergency Escape/Ventilation Shaft (Raise Bored)
  • Tunnel Connecting the Two Shafts (Drill & Blast Methods)
  • Permanent Headframe and Hoisting System
  • Hybridized Ventilation/Emergency Escape Hoisting System

Frontier-Kemper and FKC-Lake Shore completed construction in October 2014.

Underground Mine Service Hoisting System
 Mine Emergency Escape Egress Hoisting System
Underground Cage
Mine Headframes
Hoisting System Sheaves
Electrical Controls